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Trees can add beauty and elegance to any home. However, poorly maintained ones can die before their time, create safety hazards for your family, and even cause property damage to your home. That is why they require the proper care of a professional tree contractor like C Remigio's Expert Tree Service Inc, that the average homeowner simply cannot offer.

Tree Contractor

Tree Contractor

Professional Tree Removal in Fort Myers, FL!

Services We Offer

If you are wondering exactly what it is that our Fort Myers, FL based company can do for you, the answer is everything in order to ensure the safety and well-being of your family, home, and trees. Our services include tree trimming and removal, stump grinding, stump removal and many others.

Have you ever hired a professional tree service provider? If you haven’t, then you should know that with an experienced contractor by your side, you will always get your trees trimmed or pruned safely and in a timely manner. These professionals have valuable industry knowledge and use specialized equipment to perform their job effectively. If you have trees in your front or backyard and looking to hire someone who can maintain them regularly and at an affordable price, do not hesitate and contact us! We guarantee solutions that won’t only meet your needs and requirements but also surpass your greatest expectations.

If you Need Arborist in Fort Myers, FL, contact C Remigio's Expert Tree Service Inc!

 When Would You Need Our Assistance? 

As we serve both commercial and residential clients, we know that, whether you want to improve the look of your backyard or look after the safety of your colleagues, you simply cannot afford to overlook the tree service that a company like ours offers. By hiring us, you prevent any harm done to your property, family, and colleagues, as well as save the time and money you would spend on a DIY project.

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 How We Provide Our Services

Whatever C Remigio's Expert Tree Service Inc does, whether stump and tree removal or tree maintenance, we do it pride and attention to detail. Your safety and satisfaction are what matters most, and that is why we make no compromises with the quality of the results delivered by us, employ only the most talented and skilled of technicians in Fort Myers, FL, and we use highly effective equipment.

For Reliable Tree Expert in Fort Myers, FL, call us at (239) 339-7835!

Want Healthy Trees?

The way we ensure our tree services cover every single important aspect in the maintenance of your yard’s vegetation is through carefully looking into the details. Our arborist know very well how to trim the different species and we are not fans of using a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we inspect your trees and decide on a trimming or pruning technique. We chose a non-damaging strategy that will promote healthy branch growth. That’s critical to keeping your oxygen-producing friend fresh and disease-free! See, trees are just like humans, they need love, care, and attention, and they make your life better in return!

 Whether it is a commercial or residential tree service that you need, just give us a call! You can also learn more about our company, by visiting our About us page.


by Christopher L. Kelly on C Remigio's Expert Tree Service Inc
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I need a reliable tree service to cut down an old tree in my backyard. Your company was referred to me as the best in the area and I must admit that your reputation suits you. You handled the job perfectly.

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