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What TLC Do Your Trees Need in the Fall?

Autumn Care Techniques Offered by an Experienced Tree Service Provider

Generally speaking, fall is the season when most homeowners plant new trees in their yard. But what do you intend to do to help that living home addition survive the winter? As a reputable tree service provider in Fort Myers, FL, we would like to present to your attention a few techniques you can use to get the job done.

Once you have planted a couple of saplings in your yard, you can water them and add organic mulch. It will help retain the moisture in the soil and thus, help them stay healthy and safe during the cold season. Furthermore, adding a layer of dark mulch around young trees will help them look fantastic. If you plant young trees while the weather is still warm, they have a great chance to develop and grow properly. This is a good start to their life.

Another thing you can do is to prune all young and mature trees just before the winter sets in. when snow and ice take over, it may add a heavy load on the delicate tree limbs and lead to their breakage. Having all of them trimmed before the cold season is important also for safety reasons. If a tree has grown too high and over power lines, it presents a risk to your safety and home. Those branches don’t have to be fully cut down, but removing some of those that are too long and heavy will help a great deal.

Trees that decay or are already dead should be removed from your property too. No point “inviting” pests to your home or help wildlife species make themselves comfortable in those hollow trees. Bug issues should be taken seriously. You have to keep watering your trees in the fall and that applies to both young and mature species. To allow their roots to breathe, aerate them by making small holes in the soil around the tree trunk.


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